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Concrete Curing Blankets made to order by Cunningham Covers, one of the UK's leading tarpaulin manufacturers.

Manufactured in Ireland. Shipped Globally.
Clever protective covers.

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Concrete Curing Blankets Made to Measure

Cunningham Covers have unrivalled experience in the manufacture of bespoke concrete curing blanket covers, manufactured to customer size, either single skin or insulated. Single skin is 1050g/m2 high tenacity coat under constant tension with high performance PVC (less elongation then conventional fabric)

Blankets are reinforced at both ends, high frequency welded where necessary to achieve strength.

Special surface finish maintains quality of material and resistance to dirt and mildew.

Insulated if necessary with a heavy duty felt sandwiched between the bottom single skin and top skin bonded edges to keep sealed and maintain integrity.

Customer feedback has indicated insulated blanket pay back in less than 6 months (less cement usage and heating oil on bed)

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